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Smoke & Fire at Firekeeper's Casino

We started off the new year with a quick trip to Battle Creek, Michigan to stay at the Firekeeper's Casino. I'd won a gift card at a fundraiser to use for a night in the hotel and dinner at one of the restaurants. After a leisurely drive up with a brewery stop on the way, we chilled out and watched some TV. Then we got hungry and decided to go down to Smoke & Fire for dinner. 

The Kansas City strip was perfectly cooked and served with roasted potatoes and root vegetables. It was a nice, quiet relaxing meal to end the evening.  

We started the next morning with room service. I think room service breakfasts are one of my very favorite parts of traveling. I love hanging in my jammies and having hot eggs and bacon and potatoes delivered right to me - and then sometimes even enjoying it in bed while I watch TV. It's something I never do at home, so if I have the opportunity to do so on the road, I'm all over it.

For more information on the casino and restaurants there, vis…

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