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Wedgewood Brewing Co.

On a post-Christmas, end-of-the-year trip to Amish Country, we decided to seek out some breweries to visit. One of our stops was Das Essenhaus Restaurant for a big feast of Amish comfort food in Middlebury and we discovered there was a brewery nearby in Middlebury called Wedgewood and thought we'd stop for an after dinner flight.

We didn't spot the place at first. It's a super tiny little structure that we almost missed when driving by. But once you're inside you can squeeze by the tiny bar area to a bigger back room for more seating. There were a little over half a dozen brews to choose from and as I usually do when I hit a new brewery, I got a flight. It was a nice little post dinner stop and if you're out in Amish country, it's worth a stop. For more information, visit

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