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Classic Apple Pie

Summer is winding to a close, which always makes me a bit sad. But, it means the start of a new season and there are so many wonderful things that come along with fall. One of them would be apple picking. 
There are early varieties that you can get before fall arrives, though, and I happened upon a big orchard full of late summer gala apples while attending an event and couldn't pass up the chance to do some picking. 
I was at Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana to be part of a consumer panel at a food-related conference last week. When I was finished, I wanted to take a few minutes to roam around the farm. I stopped in the building where admission tickets are purchased and noticed a little flyer about apple picking and asked a few questions. I wasn't aware that an apple orchard had opened for picking the previous season. Since things were just getting started for the season, I was offered a bag and the chance to go picking for free. I couldn't resist. 
On weekends, a tract…

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