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Tender Shack Offers Hot Chicken Tenders and More via Door Dash

The pandemic has caused many changes in the way we eat and has brought about a wave of delivery-only dishes that are prepared in ghost kitchens where you can't dine in or pick-up. Food is prepared for delivery only and it's been hugely successful in the era of lockdowns and quarantine and social distancing. Last week I got to try out a new delivery-only dining option - Tender Shack, which specializes in chicken tenders and Nashville Hot Chicken. Even though it was a brutal 10 degrees with a whipping wind that made it feel even colder, my meal was nice and hot upon arrival. Even the cookies were delivered at their best - as hot as if they'd just been removed from an oven with lots of gooey chocolate oozing out. One thing I love about all the chicken places that are out there now is that they do chicken - and usually that's about it for entrees - and they do it really well. Tender Shack has tenders available in two seasoning levels - Dang Good Seasoned and Nashville Hot A

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