Lucky China

While running some errands with my 13-year-old recently, we decided to stop for lunch. His absolute favorite meal is orange chicken with fried rice from Panda Express. But...we had been running errands the day before, too, and had stopped for Panda Express, so I wanted to try another place.

I pulled out my handy Golden Opportunities coupon book and told him to skim through and find something that sounded good. I love the Golden Opportunities coupon books and Entertainment Books for a few reasons. First, of course, is the discounts. Who doesn't love an offer to buy an entree and get one free? Secondly, the purchase of books usually helps out a local cause. And lastly, I love that by using the coupons I am introduced to new restaurants I've never been to and some I may not have ever heard of.

I was not surprised when the two places he suggested served Chinese food. So, we settled on Lucky China in Dyer, which happened to be right on our way home. He ordered orange chicken and declared that it was way better than what he usually gets from Panda Express. He loved the fried rice.

The monster-sized egg rolls were wonderful.

I opted for sweet and sour chicken. The portions were huge. There was a large bowl of sauce on the side. I was happy with everything. My order was just they way I like it. I also sampled my son's orange chicken. I love orange chicken, but am sometimes hesitant to order it because I never know how spicy it's going to be. This time is was just the right amount of heat -- not too much. It was enough to enhance the flavor, but not overpower it.

The coupon I had from my book was for 25% off of your bill. It was the in Northwest Indiana edition of the Golden Opportunities book.

We happened to just miss the cut-off for lunch pricing, which ended at 3 p.m. (We got there about 3:20.) However, the prices were reasonable and well worth the large servings we got. If you're in the mood for Chinese and in the Northwest Indiana area, try them out. They do carry-out and have a small dining room with a half-dozen or so tables.

Lucky China
1135 Joliet Street
Dyer, IN