Lunch at Tiebel's

I've lived in the south suburbs all my life and I've always gotten these gasps when I've mentioned that I'd never been to Tiebel's in Schererville. For those out of the area, it's a Northwest Indiana institution - a place that's been there forever and where diners can expect tradition if nothing else. I've heard that most everything on the menu is good and that the fried chicken is excellent. I was wishing that I had  tried it because I did see it delivered to a different table and it looked quite tasty.

So, let me back up. I've heard so many people rave about Tiebel's that it had me really itching to go there. My parents have talked about Tiebel's and I even remember them telling me that they'd eat there once in a while when my mom was expecting me since it was close to her doctor's office. So, I guess in a sense I had been there before. :)

My big sis was coming out one day to visit mom and suggested that we get together for lunch. I was all for it - and then made a suggestion of my own. I knew they'd gone there for lunch on occasion, so I asked if we could go there for lunch so I could finally try it out. I got nods from both, so that's where we headed.

The decor and atmosphere definitely take you back. Reminded me of places like the original Gino's Steakhouse and Carlos Lorenzetti's and Rubes that seemed to ooze 1956 to me...even though I wasn't around in 1956. But had I been around to have gone out to dinner in 1956, this is how I might have imagined it.

Anyway, on to the food. I started out with a hearty cup of potato soup along with some deliciously soft rolls. I could have eaten a dozen of them. For real!
I also loved the homemade cole slaw.

Mom ordered a huge house salad topped with chicken. It looked good and I got an instant twinge of diner's remorse ~ you know, that feeling you get when you wish you ordered what someone else had. True, you can get a salad anywhere and it's hard to screw it up, but I can always go for a nice crisp salad, especially when it's loaded p with cheese and chicken and croutons and boiled eggs. And this one was really loaded!

My big sis ordered the fried perch. She said it was delish, but was disappointed at the small portion (she had eaten one piece when I snapped that picture, so she stared off with three small pieces.) It was so good, she wanted more.

 I had a hard time deciding what to order. Actually, we all did. I finally settled on the roast turkey. All of the Thanksgiving hype got my taste buds craving some turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes. So, that's what I got. I was surprised when it also came with stuffing and corn and cranberry sauce as it wasn't mentioned on the menu. It was decent ~ nothing like mom's home cooked Thanksgiving dinner, but it satisfied my craving.

The portions were big enough that I didn't come close to finishing it and ordering dessert didn't cross my mind at all. However, mom set her sights on a turtle cheesecake to go with her cup of coffee and once it was there and she offered me a bite, I couldn't refuse. It was something worth saving room for!

So, I was glad to finally make it to the much-talked about eatery. There was an abundance of comfort food on the menu and for those who have been dining there for decades (it's been there since 1929) there's the comfort of a familiar place in a business where restaurants come and go.

 If you go:

1775 US Highway 41
Schererville, In
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