Menu Day: Stephano's Pizzeria

I have this huge file of menus in my cabinet. I collect them like some people might collect stamps or knick knacks. They are kind of like little mementos to remind me of a good meal I had. But, I do need to sort through. So, to help me purge some of those menus in my collection, I decided I'll add a feature to the blog. Once in a while, I'll have "Menu Day" and I'll pull a random menu from the file and tell you what's on it and what I've tried on the menu and what I liked and what I really want to try. Then I'll part with that menu.

Today's menu is from STEPHANO'S PIZZERIA in Lansing, IL.

I have posted on Stephano's before. See that post here. As I mention in that post, the place was once owned by a friend who moved out of town, sold the business and opened a new one quite a distance from here. Mary Lynn --- make my day and tell me you'll make a special delivery just for me. :) My latest stop there was for some pizza bread and it was delicious. In fact, I am really getting hungry for some right now!!!

Anyway, here's what else you'll find on the menu:

Appetizers like garlic bread with cheese, tomato garlic bread, loaded nachos (with cheese jalapenos, chili and diced tomatoes), jalapeno poppers, breaded zucchini (oh, yummm! Another favorite of mine that I have ordered from Stephano's many times in the past), onion rings, shrimp basket, mozzarella sticks.

Chicken, including buffalo wings, chicken strips and chicken nuggets.

Specialty pizzas: supreme, alfredo, Hawaiian, taco, ranch, BBQ chicken, meat lovers, buffalo chicken and Stephano's special (Italian beef, garlic, mushroom, Giardineria, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, black olives and tomato - and there's traditional pizza in thin crust, double decker, stuffed, deep dish or calzone.

Sandwiches include Italian beef, cheesy beef, meatball, Italian sausage, patty melt, Monterey chicken, fish sandwich and Greek chicken pita. They also serves gyros and burgers.

Salads include garden, anti-pasta, Caesar, julienne, grilled chicken and Greek.

There are 14 value meals starting at $4.56. The value meals include fries and a drink.

Dinners start at $6.99 and come with fries, coleslaw and garlic bread. Dinner options are chicken, chicken strips, ribs or shrimp.

Visit Stephano's at and follow themon Facebook and Twitter.

Ok...confession...I planned to pull a menu, post on it and then toss it to reduce the size of my menu file. BUT...I see this one has a coupon on the back for $3 off on a family or large with no expiration date. Guess this one's a keeper! :) I'm going to tack it up on the fridge and use that next time I'm in the mood for pizza.