My first chili cook off!

On Veterans Day, our church was having a ladies' chili cook-off. They have an annual men's cook-off, but I think this is the first time the ladies had a chance to throw their hat into the ring.

I made up a big pot of my chili, using several different types of beans and some Italian sausage in addition to ground beef. We dropped it off before the early morning service, so I stopped later in the day to pick up my crock pot and was told "Oh, you won a prize." I got handed a basket and was told that I'd won "Most Unusual." My initial reaction that it might mean unusual in a not-so-good way. You know, that title could go either way. Oh, well, I got a nice basket as my reward!

Everything in it was chili themed - some seasonings, hot sauce, a hand-towel with peppers on it, a pepper pot holder, a chili cookbook. It will be fun using some of these items in the kitchen!

There was also some Lindt chili chocolate in there. I had never tried it, so I bravely took a bite. At first it tasted like normal dark chocolate, but after a moment the heat hit me. The boys each tried a bite. It was my 7-year-old who liked it most and asked if he could have the rest of the bar. 

It was fun to get a prize on my first ever attempt at a chili cook-off. I think I might have to try again next year!


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