Niche Restaurant

I posted a little bit about Niche after a lovely farm-to-table media dinner that I attended there with my husband and sister in September, but in cleaning up my photos I saw that there were a lot of shots from that dinner that I still need to share. And it's kind of nice to look back now that the seasons have progressed and see what was on our plates just a few short weeks ago that will be absent until summer returns. It makes you really appreciative of what unique flavors each season brings.

So, we started out our meal with these delicious rolls. 

We started off with basil infused wine (in the middle glass), which was incredibly refreshing.

The dinner was full of ingredients from the restaurant's Bull Run Farm. Just thinking about the freshness of the vegetables makes me long for it to be late summer again!

Specially selected wine was paired with each course, which we enjoyed quite a bit.

Chef Serena Purdue's creativity shines through with every menu offering.

The compressed watermelon was bursting with flavors of avocado, lime and cucumber.

This warm tomato tart was fabulous, served with arugula and a Parmesan crisp.

Next was the toasted zucchini bread with foie gras tourchon and fresh apricot with walnut oil, paired with 2008 Boony Doon "Vinferno."

This was my favorite part of the meal - Hasselmann Farm Pork served with spaghetti squash and a stuffed zucchini blossom. It was to die for. Really! The pork was unbelievably tender and a stuffed zucchini blossom??? It was more delicious than I ever could have imagined!

A second entree of grilled and smoked Hangar steak came next with a sage croquette and red and gold beets.

We were incredibly spoiled that night, finishing off with a 1908 Madeira Boal. Yes, that's 1908. Bottled before Titanic sank and during the year that my beloved Cubs last won a world series. :)

Oh, and can't forget the dark chocolate praline bar with hazelnut, a decadent treat that would make any discriminating chocoholic swoon.

Here's the Chicago Foodie Sisters, Carrie and Becky, enjoying the evening.

If you're still working up that list for Santa, a dinner out at Niche is something that should be on every foodie's wish list!