Schererville Gyros

I was recently on my way out to pick up some items at Rob's Meats in Dyer and realized I'd missed my turn. At the soonest opportunity, I pulled into a parking lot with the intention of turning around and heading back west. Well, when I realized I had pulled into the parking lot for Schererville Gyros and that it was lunchtime and that I hadn't eaten a thing all day and that I hadn't had a gyros in FOREVER and that I probably wouldn't have time to make myself something to eat before heading to my son's school for my weekly visit to read to the kids, I decided to run in and get myself a gyros.

I adore gyros, but don't eat them much. Mostly because my husband doesn't like them. He's kind of like my dog (not in a bad way) - he will just almost anything I put in front of him, with very few exceptions: gyros and fettuccine Alfredo are about it. I know...what's wrong with that guy? But he doesn't like them and doesn't like the smell of them and doesn't want to get within three feet of me if I've eaten one. So, I treat myself to one when he won't be around for dinner. This time was an exception. I was hungry. I wanted a gyros. I didn't care if he wouldn't kiss me for the rest of the day. I tried to smooth things over by bringing him home a cheeseburger. It worked. He really liked it. And I LOVED my gyros. The pita was warm and soft, but crispy on the edges and loaded with meat and slathered in that delicious cucumber sauce with onions and tomatoes. If you're in that neighborhood and unlike my husband, appreciate the taste of a good gyros - try them out!

1120 US 30

No website that I could locate, but they are on Facebook!