There's nothing like a Frango mint

While rushing through Macy's to head out of Water Tower Place last week, we ran right into a display of these. I gushed about how I love Frango mints and haven't had them in forever. Probably the last time I had one I bought it when the store was still a Marshall Field's. Still kind makes me sad that it's Marshall Fields no more. 

Hubby took the hint, grabbed a box (that was half off at $11.99 a box!!!) and bought them. One bite and I remembered why I like them so much! Fannie May mint meltaways are pretty awesome and I've had those more often than I've had Frango Mints, but I realized as soon as I bit into it that even Fannie May can't measure up. There is just nothing like a Frango Mint!!!!!!!!

If you've never had one, add that to your foodie bucket list! You just must experience it!!! :)