Make a taste of Oktoberfest from Aldi

Being married to a guy whose dad immigrated here from Germany, I've developed a fondness for German food. I love that I can find some specialties from Germany and Austria at Aldi and sometimes it doesn't even have to be the Oktoberfest season. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find such items at other times of the year.

Anyway, I really like the frozen pork schnitzel I have gotten from Aldi and I often get the potato pancakes to serve with it, which are pretty good, as well. Sometimes I'll also get some spaetzle or red cabbage or some of the dessert items. It's not a meal at the Berghoff, Bierstube or Hofbrauhaus, but it's a tasty meal to cook up at home if you're in the mood for some schnitzel. :)