Anniversary lunch at Seasons 52

My husband and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary in June. It was another month before we got out to lunch together and it's taken me a few more weeks to get this post up. And looking over these photos again, I am convinced it is time for a revisit. Seasons 52 is one of my very favorite spots. I was introduced to the national chain of upscale fresh grill/wine bar establishments about a year-and-a-half ago when the new location was opening in Oak Brook and I was invited to a media event. I loved how fresh everything was. I loved the flavor combinations. The creativity in the dishes. The wine pairings. The presentations. I fell in love and fall more in love with the place with each visit.

When making out reservation, I mentioned in the notes that we were celebrating an anniversary. The waiter was very attentive, brought us a complimentary dessert at the end of the meal and took a photo of us that he printed and presented in a nice folder frame. It was a lovely experience.
So, as we were visiting, there was a flight and flatbread special going on. So, we ordered that and shared and it served as our appetizer. 

This was hubby's cup of soup - clam chowder, I believe it was.

I ordered the trout, which was magnificent.

I also ordered a side of potatoes. Awesome!

Hubby got the salmon - the Alaskan Copper River salmon, which has an extremely short season. It was nothing short of exquisite!

And I'm crazy about their mini indulgences. So often I am too full for dessert, but when it comes in these tiny shot-size serving dishes and is under 450 calories (like all of their dishes), how can you pass it up?

Happy Anniversary to us. I think we need to celebrate it again. I could totally go for a re-do of that meal. :)