Jason's Deli: Oak Brook, Illinois

When I made plans to meet my sis for lunch, I told her to pick a place close to her work. She suggested Jason's Deli. "A deli?" I thought with slight disappointment knowing there are so many great eateries in that area -- Italian spots, steakhouses, seafood restaurants. A deli was something that wouldn't have been my first choice. But, Becky is very pregnant and due at the end of the month, so I didn't even hint at changing the place. When you go out to eat with a very pregnant lady, you let her call the shots. :)

Well, I couldn't have been more wrong about my lack of enthusiasm for this place. Jason's Deli ROCKS! I'm a big salad fan and this is one of the best salad bars I have ever seen with a huge variety of veggies, lots of pasta salads, hummus, nuts, seeds, garlic toast and their own crackers. It would have been a lovely lunchtime meal. But, I had ordered a side salad in additional to my sandwich. I ended up having my salad and trying a bite of my sandwich - a scrumptious turkey muffaletta - and boxing up the rest to take home. I've never been to N'Awlins to try out this specialty of that region, but Becky assured me it is the real deal.

Another awesome feature is free ice cream. Who wouldn't love that? A soft serve machine has vanilla, chocolate and twist with some rich chocolate sauce you can add if you'd like, which I did, of course.

I had no idea that Jason's had 240 locations across 28 states! Chicagoland locations include Oak Brook, Oak Lawn, Naperville, Park Ridge and Schaumburg and there are two locations in Chicago.

I tried a little taste of Becky's pot roast with provolone and OMG - superb!!!

Jason's Deli
2060 York Road
Oak Brook, IL


  1. Jason's Deli is one of our favorites. We live near Schaumburg so we often stop there when we need a quick meal. I love that you can get a lot of vegetation with your meal--which is lacking at most places. Glad you liked it!


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