Fratello's in Homewood

I was in Homewood the other day at lunchtime and wanted to grab a quite bite of something to eat in the car on the way to my next destination, but as I made my way through the parking lot along Halsted looking for a drive-thru, I stumbled upon a little storefront that faces the parking lot that I had never noticed before. It was called Fratello's and I think I saw a sign outside that indicated it was pretty new, so I figured I'd swing in quickly and grab something to go.

It turned out to be a newly opened second location of an Italian deli that opened in downtown Homewood a couple years ago according to the very friendly girl at the register. She said they would soon be opening another location in Tinley Park.

The menu was quite large and I scanned it for a few seconds and then figured I'd start at the beginning and give it a good look. The first sandwich listed seemed to be calling my name - the Pollo Caprese, a marinated flame grilled chicken breast with fresh mozzarella, basil, lettuce (which turned out to be uber fresh mixed greens), tomato and balsamic glaze on Italian loaf. I had to take a picture right away and I decided I couldn't wait. I sat down and enjoyed half of it at one of the tables. It was just so fresh and perfect. And it's in an area that I pass through often so I'm really looking forward to visiting again to try out some other items, which include wraps, flatbread, pasta, salads, paninis, Italian beef, sausage, burgers (they have a bacon & onion jam burger!!!!!) and other goodies. I could eat there for a month and not duplicate a meal. And I'd love to try. 

17929 Halsted


19201 Dixie Highway 


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