Lafayette Brewing Co.

My husband I spent this past weekend in the Lafayette, Indiana area and it was a perfect fall weekend. The weather could not have been better. We spent some time outside when we arrived and then it was time for a light lunch before heading to our hotel, where we had dinner reservations. 

Whenever we travel, we seek out a brewery in the area and we were pleased to find Lafayette Brewing Co. downtown on Main Street. As we've traveled this year, I've been seeking out county seats because I love old courthouses, so this stop was kind of a two for one. We drove by the Tippcanoe County Courthouse in downtown Lafayette and then went over to try a flight and grab a bite to eat. 

A lot of streets are blocked off in downtown Lafayette right now to accommodate outdoor dining during the pandemic. That includes the block that the brewery is on and they had a fenced off area where you could dine outside in their little temporary courtyard in the seat.

We ordered a flight (theirs comes with four brews) and I liked each one. Of all the breweries we've been to there aren't many where I really like every beer I try there, but Lafayette Brewing Co. was one. I really liked the Star City Helles, a 4.7% ABV lager and the Tippecanoe Common Ale, a red ale at 5.8% ABV that was just hoppy enough for my taste. My favorite was their Star City Oktoberfest, a 5.9% ABV marzen made with locally-grown Vienna and Munica malts.

As for the menu, there were a lot of good options. We had decided to just split a sandwich and not overdo it, but then I spotted Scotch Eggs as a starter. Whenever I see them on a menu, I just have to have them. Not many places offer them. And when I do order them, I'm sometimes disappointed because the yolks are runny and I like mine fully boiled. These were perfection and served with a vinegary and tangy sauce that was a perfect compliment. And it was an amazing match for both the Oktoberfest and the Dingy's Irish Stout.

For our sandwich, we went with the West Coast BLT. There wasn't a description on the menu, but I suspected the "West Coast" in the name hinted that it may have avocado on it and as complete avocado addict, I completely approved, but was also good with the basic scaled-down BLT. Not only did it have a generous amount of avocado slices, but there was also a thick slice of cheddar cheese. And that was a game changer. I think I'll be making them this way from now on.

I'm so glad we sought out this place on our visit to the area. It was a great place to relax mid-afternoon on a gorgeous Saturday fall afternoon. We also got a growler of Oktoberfest to take home, so we'll get a little taste of this place for a few more days to come.

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