Holiday cash and cool mint gift idea

Ok, I admit I'm not the craftiest of people, but I love gifts that throw in a little extra thought or a theme. When the folks at the Illinois Lottery asked me to come up with some gift ideas using lottery tickets, I whipped up with this, which is perfect for an acquaintance that you would like to remember with a small gift or if you have a large number of people to give to and want to keep them all the same. The big plus is that it is super simple, so you feel like you were crafty and creative without going to a lot of trouble or needing a hot glue gun.

People really love to get lotto instant tickets as gifts. I know I do. It's something fun and there's that added excitement of scratching them off to see if you win something. I was at a Christmas party last year where the hostess gave each guest a little wooden box with chocolates in it and rolled up and tied to each box was an Illinois Lottery instant ticket. I won $12!

For this gift, I purchased some boxes of Andes Mints (who doesn't love those?) They usually run about $3 a box. Sometimes you can find them on sale for less than that. And there's always the option of upgrading to Fannie May Mint Meltaways or those oh, so good Frango Mints from Macy's.

On the boxes, I taped a Holiday Cash instant ticket and a little tag that says "Hope you win a mint!" I stopped in the office at the middle school my sons attend to give them to the secretaries in the main office and the school nurse. They were really appreciate of the gesture…and especially the lottery ticket.

The Illinois Lottery has a variety of other instant tickets in the $1 - $30 price range. You can find he full line here.

*** I did receive complimentary lottery tickets to use in the gifts pictured. I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.