Journeyman Distillery: Three Oaks, Michigan

I've written before about how much we enjoy spending time in Three Oaks, Michigan. From where I live it's only an hour away, even less than that if traffic is good and you drive a little fast - not that I do that. :) You drive by open fields and farm land once you are off of I-94, so it has that appeal of being off the beaten path. However, once you get there there are some spots that are so cool and chic, you feel like you are in downtown Chicago. So, really it's the best of both worlds. The downtown main street is quaint with some little cafes and shops, an independent movie theatre, a library housed in a cool, historic building, a Civil-war era meat shop, a brewery - and just off the main street is the Journeyman Distillery. It's housed in a historic factory that in many other locations likely would have been demolished. It's been converted into several business - the Acorn Theatre where live theatre shows take place (it also houses a little gift shop with wines), a garden and antique shop and the Journeyman Distillery. 

In converting the space into a distillery, it kept elements that are reminiscent of a century ago - like weathered bricks on the walls, yet it's added sleek modern touches and there's a wall of windows where you can peek in at where all the magic happens. 

Sometimes when we are hanging in town, we make a stop there after lunch for a drink (they make an awesome Moscow Mule, if that's your thing!) On our most recent stop, we tried a Smoking Peach and also tried out a flight. I love sampling, so the flight seemed a good option. And yeah, I was reminded of why I don't drink whiskey and bourbon and all that stuff straight (simply put, I'm a lightweight and need something tamer, sweeter and fruitier), but I did find something I am a huge fan of - Old Country Goodness, a.k.a. O.C.G. It's like sipping on some very sweet apple cider and something that could easily get you in trouble because it's so smooth.

Anyway, I've only been to Journeyman on our daytime stops when things are pretty laid back and quiet. The venue is also available for private events (what a cool spot for a small wedding!) and they occasionally have live entertainment. There are also a number of goodies in the gift shop. If you find yourself in the area, stop by there for a drink...or two!

Journeyman Distillery

109 Generation Drive
Three Oaks, MI