Asian Harbor

So last year on New Year’s Eve, hubby was working and my kids had plans, so my BFF and I decided to do an early dinner to ring in the new year together. We settled on Asian Harbor in Homewood, which I had never been to. Everything was so fresh and good and there was a nice variety on the menu that included Thai, Chinese and Japanese specialties.

I’ve been back a couple times since then and it’s really one of those places I could easily eat at several times a week and never get tired of it. 

Late summer was my last visit, again with my friend, Michelle. I ordered some maki rolls with cucumber and asparagus that were really delicious. Michelle ordered some crab rangoon and we shared.

We also split an order of pad Thai. It is so good. Again, something I could eat almost everyday.

The atmosphere is elegantly casual with a very friendly staff.

Asian Harbor
1930 Ridge Road
Homewood, IL