Coz’s in Mt. Zion, IL

I took a trip this past fall with my aunt through four states and the last leg of the trip was back here in Illinois where she introduced me to a couple cousins I had never met before. I have to think a few minutes to figure it out, but I believe one is a fourth cousin and another is a second cousin.

So the fourth cousin and her husband gave us a tour of their home, we looked through some family photos together and then we went to have lunch together. They live in Mt. Zion, which is not far from Decatur in Central Illinois. 

They suggested a nearby tavern that they said served good food. We went over and while the other three had salads, I spotted the “Horsehoe” on the menu. I’ve had a few of these when visiting Springfield, but rarely have I come across them on a menu outside of Springfield. I guess we were close enough to Springfield for this regional specialty that I love. A Horseshoe is basically an open-faced sandwich of Texas toast, a meat of choice, French fries and lots of rich cheese sauce. Is it healthy? Not a bit. Is it delicious? Yes it is. So, I ordered one and enjoyed every bite.

1405 E. Village Pkwy
My. Zion, IL 


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