Chocolatines Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Last weekend my friend, Mary Lynn, and I made our way up to Schaumburg where we visited Chocolatines for a chocolate and wine tasting. The luxury chocolatier dates back to 2004 when Japanese born Chef Wada began a line of decadent chocolates after graduating from the French Pastry School and traveling the globe in search of the finest ingredients. The chocolates can be purchased at their Schaumburg location and online and the company has numerous storefronts in Japan. 

Chocolatines products have been endorsed by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and been featured at top industry awards show and events, including the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, MTV Music Awards, Country Music Awards, Cannes Film Festival and U.S. Open Tennis Championships. The company has had a number of celebrities and athletes as customers, including some Chicago Cubs players.

Our tasting was led by Kasumi Wada, who was extremely knowledgable. We learned a bit about ingredients in crafting chocolates and that to be considered a luxury chocolate, there must be a 70% or higher cocoa content. We had an opportunity to try five different drinks with five barks and three chocolates.

One of their specialties are life-sized chocolate shoes and there were several on display, including a stunning wedding shoe.

One of the drinks included in our tasting was their own cherry brandy, which was so smooth. We also tried some black cherries soaked in brandy. And then...a chocolate covered brandy soaked black cherry. It. Was. Amazing. I'm a big, big, big, big, big fan of boozy cherries. That chocolate-covered one was phenomenal.

We also had to get some of the beautiful bon bons to go. They are absolute works of art. Pictured below are the champagne bon bons (my favorite!) and the espresso bon bons.

Give them a call to set up your tasting, which are only happening on select dates this month. It's a lovely way to sit back and chill for a little bit and get a wonderful taste of luxury. Check them out online at and follow on Facebook (Chocolatines), Twitter (@lovechocolatines) and Instagram (@getchocolatines).


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