New Oberpfalz Brewery

It's been a few years since New Oberpfalz Brewery in Griffith, Indiana opened and it's one I've grown quite fond of. In pre-COVID times, it was a fun place to pack into side by side with strangers in the beer hall environment with long communal benches and tables. 

It had been a while since I'd been there in person - definitely a bit before the pandemic, so as hubby and I were making our way home from my nephew's place a couple weeks ago, we decided to pop in. Hubby was in search of a good stout and found one he liked there (he had to get a couple dozen to bring home). It was brewery stop #2 and I'd had a beer there, so I decided to get a bowl of soup. It was a chilly rainy day and the warm bowl of chicken dumpling soup hit the spot. It was a really, really good bowl of soup and perfect comfort food for a gloomy April afternoon.

If you haven't been to New Oberpfalz, I definitely recommend it - for beer or food or both.