Sanpellegrino Fruit Beverages

Water, often with a slice of lemon, is my usual beverage these days. I love soda and other sweet drinks - but I'm more choosy about what I drink. I want to make sure it's worth the calories, the carbs, the caffeine. A local store has been carrying bottles of all kinds of fun craft sodas and I've enjoyed trying those. 

Then when doing a recent interview for work, I was offered one of these - a Sanpellegrino sparkling grapefruit beverage. I'd had Sanpellegrino mineral water many times, but I wasn't aware that they had sparkling fruit beverages. It was refreshing without being overly sweet.  With 16% grapefruit juice from concentrate and 140 calories, I could get used to drinking this. A lot. Just a week or so after trying the grapefruit flavor, a chef I know mentioned the blood orange flavor out of the blue. And now I know I'm going to have to seek it out. From a peek at their website, it appears they also have five other flavors - orange, lemon, prickly pear, clementine and pomegranate/orange. For more on the product, visit

Have you tried Sanpellegrino sparkling beverages? What's your favorite?


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