Yoder's Horseradish

Each time we make a visit to Amish country, we come back with a lot of food souvenirs. On our most recent visit, we stopped at Yoder's Meat and Cheese Company. We often head home with all kinds of goodies - baked goods, cheese, tea, jellies. This time I also grabbed a pack of knockwurst  - and to go along with it, a jar of fresh Yoder's horseradish. Good stuff! If you need to clear your sinuses, this will for sure do the trick. I use just a dab. :)


  1. Looks great! I've been to this business but haven't tried their horseradish.

    I came to your blog via a link from the Amish365 site. From checking out a few of your posts I could tell you live not far from where my husband grew up. His neighborhood is the East Side (of Chicago), just a couple of blocks from the IL/IN border). It's always fun to read blogs that talk about places that you recognize!

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