Quarantine Carry-out at Calumet Fisheries

Hubby and I have been having some strange date nights during the quarantine, but I've been finding ways to make it interesting. One week we drove out to Crete, Illinois in search of the spot where we got married. The banquet hall and outdoor gazebo was demolished a few years back, but we wanted to see what is there now. We picked up beer from a brewery there, got a carry-out dinner and took a long walk in the cute downtown area.

Another week, we decided to drive out to Calumet Fisheries. It plays a significant part in our relationship as we went there for a lot of dates not long after we met. Hubby went to school not far from there at St. Francis de Sales High school and on Friday nights we'd drive out to Calumet Fisheries, get smoked shrimp and then drive down to Calumet Park and sit by Lake Michigan. He'd peel the shrimp for me. Sometimes we'd have to wait for the bridge to go up and back down as barges made their way by. For those who don't know, the 95th Street bridge was made famous in the movie The Blues Brothers. It's my favorite movie of all time.

So, we made the drive and we parked and I got in line. It was good Friday (and the anniversary of our first date) and I thought it may be really crowded, but it wasn't bad - only three people in front of me and I waited about 5 minutes. They were letting three people in at a time. There was still traffic on the river, so the bridge was going up and down and that's always fun to watch (and to visualize Elwood jumping over it in the Bluesmobile). I ordered a pound of smoked shrimp, some fried mushrooms, fried shrimp and smoked salmon. We couldn't go down by the lakefront to eat it because it's all closed down in Chicago. So, we took a few bites in the car and came home and shared with the boys.

TIP: If you go, be sure to take cash. They don't take cards.

Calumet Fisheries
3259 E 95th St. 
Chicago, IL