Don Pedro Taco Tuesday Quarantine Meal at Home

One thing I love that places have been doing during the quarantine are family meals. I really like when a meal is bundled in medium or large-sized quantities for one price and I've ordered several such meals while we've been at home. One was at Don Pedro Mexican Bar & Grill.

When I saw they had a special for $17.95 of 10 tacos with beans and rice, I ordered that for dinner. I also remember how good their queso fundido was and got an order of that. It was quite yummy...and it's even better when you can eat it at one of their tables when it's nice and hot.

They had a make-shift drive up going where you pulled up next to the side door led by signs and through cones and your food was brought out.

Tacos are always a favorite in our house and this was the perfect dinner on a recent Tuesday night.

316 Torrence Ave.
Calumet City, IL