Best BBQ in Kansas City at Q39!

Firstly, I did not realize the tremendous BBQ that I would forever miss after eating at Q39!  

Now I’ll tell you a bit about my last eating adventure… Fourth of July weekend was a great excuse for a road trip with a friend of mine! We picked Kansas City solely because of the great BBQ I’d heard of in the area! While my friend researched art museums and the zoo, I looked up restaurants in the area, but especially BBQ. I selected 3 BBQ restaurants of what seemed to be in the top 5 of the many articles I read- Jack Stack’s Freight HouseQ39 and Arthur Bryant’s. An honorable mention is Vietnam Cafe, which we visited so as not to be overloaded only on BBQ. They have just fabulous Pho and ramen soup! There were so many options! It’s a place you must try if you’re in the area! Now, onto the BBQ… 

Day 1: We showed up to Arthur Bryant’s for dinner, nonchalantly thinking we would just waltz in and have some dinner! That is laughable now, once we saw the line out the door! The guy in front of us said, at our exclamations, “You don’t wait in line for bad BBQ!”  He was right! We tried beef brisket and spare ribs, though both tender and finely made, the ribs were were a blast of flavor. The savory mustard-based traditional Kansas City BBQ sauce was a great fit the flavors. 

Day 2: Next, we went to Jack Stack’s Freight House, which was a very different experience- elegant and upscale versus the dinner-style Arthur Bryant’s. We had the lovely spinach and strawberry salad with bacon and feta. It was a delicious start to our meal! Then we tried some unique dishes- blackberry BBQ trout and butter BBQ grilled shrimp. Both dishes were wonderful but couldn’t quite be compared to the traditional BBQ at A.B.’s. A different experience, but well worth trying these delicious twists on BBQ.

Last and certainly NOT least, since I’m writing this review FOR THE BEST! Q39. Unassuming name, you say? It was in the top 5 list, though. I expected it to be good, but I no idea how good! Smack in the middle of the styles of restaurants we already visited, Q39 was a hopping, urban-style restaurant. It was busy, but we had thankfully made a reservation. I first have to give a shout out to our fabulous server, Corbin! He made great recommendations and made sure we were well taken care of! 

Here is some of the BEST BBQ ever in the photo below!! This plate right here! Spare ribs, beef brisket and the holy grail of all BBQ- the burnt ends! I’ve eaten lots of BBQ in the Midwest and never heard the term burnt ends before. It sounded like one of those acquired tastes that I wasn’t sure of… how wrong I was! 

Just above the BBQ sauce on my plate are the “burnt ends.”  They aren't burnt at all! Why are they called that? They are cubed pieces of tender BBQ meat. The brisket was tender, flavorful and meaty. The ribs were so well done, oozing with flavor and falling off the bone. But the burnt ends? It was like eating filet mignon in BBQ style. We couldn’t believe how amazing they were! If I could have ordered an entire plate of just those to take home, I would have! But you can’t! They only come with the brisket- about 4-5 cubes. I’m not sure why it’s a rare thing or why it’s only in Kansas City, but let’s just say that I will miss the dish until I am back in KC again! When I come, I’m bringing a full-size cooler and 20 freezer packs and I’m going to bring home as many as I can for my freezer! THAT’S how good they are! And while this is THE reason to go to Q39, you could also enjoy the pork belly sandwich and their fabulous lemon-iced carrot cake. 

My only regret is not trying burnt ends sooner in my trip! Thanks KC! I will be back- for more BBQ! (Note: The museums and zoo are fabulous, too :).