Get Hearty, Classic Thin-Crust at Bottoms Up

I love a good neighborhood tavern. One that is a bit dark and old school on the inside, where the bartenders know the regulars, where bands entertain patrons and songs play on juke boxes. Places like this have an ambiance different than restaurants, but they are where I have found the most delicious food. Some of my favorite meals have been eaten on barstools and in booths in an unassuming bar and grill.

Bottoms Up Bar & Grill in Lansing has impressed me over and over again with what they serve up - everything from a hot, hearty bowl of freshly-made soup to flavorful chicken entrees to a classic thin crust pizza. They have a list of common fried appetizers found on bar menus - things like mozzarella sticks and chicken wings, but you’ll also find saganacki, homemade chips and mango buffalo shrimp among the options.

There’s a nice line-up of salads - a caprese, a chicken cobb, a grilled Caesar, a BLT and an option to build your own with a number of ingredients. However, it’s hard to pass on their soups, which are made fresh daily. On my most recent visit, it was a pasta and meatball soup that was amazing.

I’ve never been disappointed with a meal there and my favorites are the chicken piccata and the artichoke salmon. There’s a large array of sandwiches, pastas and entrees. You can also create your own combo from among perch, walleye, shrimp and chicken options.

Also, do not sleep on their pizza! I repeat: do NOT sleep on their pizza. I had never tried it until recently. They were running a half price special on the day I stopped for lunch, so I got a pizza in addition to my entree and planned on having it for dinner that night. It was the ideal south side thin crust that took me back to childhood - a perfect crunch and a scrumptious sauce loaded with sausage and veggies. It’s the kind of pizza that those from the Chicago area truly know as Chicago-style. Deep dish is for tourists or is a once in a while indulgence. Classic crispy, thin-crust is what Chicagoland pizza is all about. And this was one of the best ones I’d had in a while.

At lunchtime the vibe is chill and quiet. In the evening it’s lively and friendly. You’re sure to leave full and satisfied. Also, be sure to explore their weekly specials that can be found online at