I've sat on these photos for a bit and it's time to share because I really loved this place. Bacchnalia is located in Little Italy and a little, cute, cozy spot that transports you to the old world. We visited for the first time when they were doing a fixed-price, family-style meal to celebrate St. Joseph's Day in March.

We walked through the bar to get to the dining room, which was not very large and had an intimate feel - like you were in the home of a sweet little nonna. We could feel the Italian vibes as soon as we were there in the decor and the customers and I loved that so much. There's was even a Catholic priest dining at the next table.

We started out with fresh Italian bread and a salad and I ordered some red wine to go along with the meal.

Following that were big bowls of pasta, chicken limone, roasted potatoes and green beans. Everything was so fresh and delicious.

And when we were so stuffed we felt like we needed to be rolled out of the place, they brought out a dessert try of cookies and homemade cannoli. It was the perfect end to our meal and such a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Bacchanalia Restaurant
2413 S. Oakley Ave.