Hot Giardiniera Focaccia from Produce Depot

I have posted before about Produce Depot. It originated in Dyer and there is now a second, larger location in St. John. I love to stop for veggies and fresh herbs from the cooler. I've yet to try the soups, but I hear they are wonderful. They also make bread fresh daily.

On my last visit I grabbed some of this awesome looking giardinera bread. Unfortunately, I grabbed hot instead of mild. I had a few bites and while it was very flavorful and soft, it was a bit too much for my wimpy taste buds. My son finished it off. Next time I'll have to make sure I grab mild. I thought the price was also quite reasonable as there were two loaves in the bag for $2.20. When I've picked up focaccia at farmer's markets in the area I know I've paid at least $2 a loaf.

I look forward to trying more of their breads in the future. While writing an article on the new St. John location for a regional newspaper, I got a tour of the bakery and it smelled wonderful in there as they were baking up all kinds of goodies.