Lunch at Nelson's

I've posted in the past about Nelson's in Three Oaks, Michigan. We love spending time in that area and a visit to Three Oaks often means a stop at Nelson's. Our boys love to go there and have a bite to eat and play some songs on the electronic juke box and play a game or two. Then afterwards they usually run around Dewey Cannon Park, which is located right in back.

The Reuben is usually what I get, but everything else I've tried is pretty good, too. I've liked all the soups I have tried there.

This is the delicious Reuben that I love so much.

I believe this was called the chicken ciabatta sandwich. It had chicken with a spicy chipotle sauce, spinach, lettuce and cheese (don't recall what variety) on a ciabatta roll. It's running a close second for my favorite thing on the menu. :)