Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary Dinner at J.J. Kelley's in Lansing

My mom and dad recently celebrated their 50th anniversary at a local spot called J.J. Kelley's. I've posted about this place before. The food there is AWESOME. I haven't had anything there that I haven't liked and I've tried everything from appetizers to sandwiches to soups to fish and shrimp to chicken entrees. For the party I knew I wanted to have something different than the traditional fried chicken, beef and mostaccioli family style menu and the owner, JoEllyn was very accommodating.

Here was the line-up for the party.

Broccoli cheese soup

Garlic bread

A nice salad of greens and veggies with Italian dressing.

Fresh mixed veggies. So good!

Potato wedges

And lemon chicken with angel hair pasta.

My sister ordered this adorable cookies from her friend Cheri.

We're so happy we were able to gather the family to celebrate our parents 50th. Aren't they cute?