Simple Spinach and Salmon Salad

Salads are a common meal in our house. At least 3 or 4 days a week, I throw a salad together for lunch for myself and sometimes for hubby if it's not his work day or my oldest son who works evenings and goes in just after lunchtime.

Sometimes they are complex with a long list of ingredients. Sometimes simple is good. I like to pick up grilled salmon steaks in the deli of my local supermarket. They are normally $3.99, but once in a while I find them on sale for $1.99. One steak will go a long way and usually make 3 or 4 salads.

1 cup fresh spinach
1 - 2 ounces grilled salmon
1 small wedge of sun dried tomato goat cheese
Ranch dressing
Fresh dill

Layer first three ingredients and mix dill in with dressing before pouring over salad. I used bottled dressing. Making my own dressing is something I'd like to become more comfortable with. The few times I have made it, it didn't turn out really well, so I'm sticking with bottled for the time being.

Anyway, this is a simple little salad that just hit the spot for a healthy lunchtime craving.