Three Oaks, Michigan Community Gardens

Ok, these first couple shots have nothing to do with the garden - jus a view from inside the garden that I thought was kind of cool. :)

Ok, now to the garden. I believe it said on a sign there that it started in 2011. There are 8 X 24 raised plots that can be rented for the season for a nominal fee (I want to say it was $25, but I'm not positive.) People had everything from flowers to berries to potatoes planted there. A lot of it is for personal use, but some it also donated to a local food kitchen.

There was a mother and daughter there seated beside a plot picking strawberries. They said that they'd never been sprayed and were completely organic and they offered us a taste. WOW! And they were beautiful!

I would love to see something like this in my community! I think it's awesome!


  1. So cool! Love it! Three Oaks sounds like an interesting place to visit.


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