Bantam Bagels named to O-List, available for shipping

This is a cool story of a foodie item that has taken off quickly. Barely a year after opening their first location, they've made Oprah's "Favorite Things" list and started national shipping, making the treats available far outside of New York. Read about these cute stuffed bagel treats and how you can try them out!


New York, NY (November 2014) --- Bantam Bagels, mini stuffed bagels, has announced their inclusion in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. Inside this issue, Oprah unveils her “Favorite Things” of 2014, which includes the unique and exciting mini stuffed bagel balls by Bantam Bagels. The brand has been changing the way New Yorkers think about bagels ever since opening their first location in the West Village in September 2013. With a new national shipping program in place, now anyone in the U.S. can take a bite into New York City's most beloved bagel balls, getting a taste of what's hot on this year's O-List!
Unlike any other New York bagel, these bite-sized wonders known as "Bantams," are filled instead of topped, making for the most portable, most adorable treat for anyone on your list this holiday season. Toasted up as a quick bite on the run, or served up on a beautiful platter for guests, Bantam Bagel’s unique flavor combinations and authentic New York bagel taste is sure to make your eyes light up in holiday cheer! Not to mention, Bantam Bagels is affordable, and you won’t have to break the bank to score a great gift.

Available for shipping anywhere in the U.S., the Bantam Bagels “Variety Pack” features the bakery’s six most popular flavors:

The Classicwhich is a plain bagel filled with plain cream cheese; Everybody's Favorite, an everything bagel filled with freshly chopped vegetable cream cheese; Hot Pretzel, a pretzel bagel topped with sea salt and filled with Dijon mustard and sharp cheddar cream cheese; Grandma JoJo, an Italian spiced bagel filled with fresh basil pesto cream cheese; Cookies & Milk, a brown sugar walnut bagel with a sweet chocolate chip cream cheese and French Toast, a cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel filled with a buttery, maple syrup cream cheese.

In support of Oprah's 2014 O-List, Bantam Bagels will connect with customers in their shop on Bleecker Street through a variety of creative and engaging programs. On Saturday's in November, they will host a "Oprah's ballin" program, encouraging in-store visitors to snap a selfie next to a photo of Oprah. Those who use the hashtag, #oprahsballin will land themselves a free Bantam and "photo" with Oprah. Bantam will also identify their favorite Bantam of the day and the 30th customer that comes in each day will get a free dozen of “Bantam's Favorite” flavor of the day.

Bantam Bagels also just launched a complete rebranding which included a new logo and website layout, marking another exciting period for Bantam Bagels!

Bantam \ 'ban-tuhm \ Bagels produces fresh, stuffed, artisanal bagel balls known as “Bantams.” Different than any other New York bagel, Bantams are filled instead of topped, allowing for on-the-go, guilt-free eating. With Bantam Bagels you can enjoy your beloved crispy, chewy, perfectly baked New York bagel in a unique miniature version. Baked fresh every day, and with a variety of delicious cream cheese and bagel combinations to choose from, Bantam Bagels allow you to taste multiple flavors in one sitting without feeling guilty about eating too much of a great thing. Bantam Bagels offers a big flavor for the price of a small indulgence. For more information please visit,