Weber Grill and Omaha Steaks teaming up for free grilling class in Orland Park on Saturday

We use our grill TONS in the summer months. The oven has only been used once or twice since the beginning of summer and the stove top just once a week or so. Our kitchen is in our back yard this time of year. Most of our meals get prepared on the patio and while I'd like to take credit for a lot of those great grilled meals, it's often my husband who is behind the spatula. One thing he is constantly looking to perfect is his steak grilling technique. He loves a nice pink center with a nice char outside and while they are always good, he is always trying to up his game and prepare a perfect steak. So, when I mentioned to him that there was a free grilling class going on outside the Omaha Steaks in Schaumburg earlier this month, he was excited to get in on the class and get some tips from the experts. 

We had seen a huge Weber trailer set up at the Naperville Ribfest over 4 of July weekend, and sure enough, it was the same one that parked outside of Omaha Steaks in the Streets of Woodfield in Chicago for this outdoor grilling lesson.

Each participant got their own Omaha Steak to grill on one of their cool compact and easily portable grills - that come in an assortment of awesome shades - and in the end they were able to taste it and see how they did.

My husband appreciated the small group setting (classes are limited to 20), so it was a fun, comfortable social event, but intimate enough to easily ask questions.

He came back quite excited and with some boxes of Omaha Steaks in hand that he had purchased at the store and was eager to put what he'd learned to use. One thing that surprised him was the high temperature used and he learned that he'd been doing that wrong. He was also surprised at how good a steak can be with a minimal amount of seasoning.

He has since prepared Omaha Steaks filet mignon on the grill and he did a great job of putting those lessons to work. The steaks were phenomenal!  

The class was open to anyone, but required advanced reservations. If you're a beginner wishing to learns some grilling basics or a frequent griller looking to perfect your techniques, this is a class that will provide some guidance from those who know their stuff.

Another class is being offered this weekend in the Chicago area. At the Omaha Steaks location in Orland Park, the Weber Grill Tour will be conducting three classes. You can stop by the Omaha Steaks store to register for this free steak grilling class. The store is located at store located at the Orland Park Crossing, 14215 La Grange Road, Suite 126 in Orland Park, IL.

Class times will be:

11 a.m. - noon
1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Class size is limited to 20 participants.