Locavore Farm offers first full four-course dine-on-the-land experience July 18

Twice this year I have been to a new farm in Grant Park, Illinois that I've really fallen in love with. The owners are a young couple with two young kids who simply wanted a slower pace, more real food and to share that new lifestyle with others.

That dream has evolved into "Locavore Farm" where food is grown and raised as naturally as can be and shared in events where up to 100 people gather at one very long table to slow down, savor and enjoy the company of those around them. "Evolved" is really the wrong word as it implies that it's something that happened gradually over a long period of time when, in fact, the Jones family moved into their new home less than a year ago and hit the ground running. I'm so happy to have discovered this place where you truly feel like you are a world away when you're on the grounds.

And by farm, I mean farm of the most chic kind. The attention to detail in everything from table decorations to signage to lighting is hip and creative. It's not Old McDonald old country, it's the fashionable, organic, artsy, earthy farm of the millennial.

I've sampled a couple more casual meals at the farm, which were awesome and I'm so excited about their upcoming four-course dinners that will highlight ingredients grown on their farm and other local farms. Take a peek at the menu below and go to locavorefarm.com to reserve your tickets today as seating is limited!