What will the next new Lay's flavor be?

What's the craziest concoction you can think of for a potato chip flavor? Well, thousands came up with crazy good (and sometimes not-so-crazy-good) flavor combinations in Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Contest. They've officially narrowed it down to just four finalists and the official winner will be announced in the next few weeks.

The editors at Yahoo! Food got the chance to try out those four finalist flavors...but with a twist. The names of those flavors were a mystery and they had to try and describe the tastes. 

Mystery flavor #1

So, as they made their way through each bag, the editors gave their thoughts and made their predictions on what label should be on the bag.

Some of their descriptions were:

"One taster thought they tasted like seaweed, another noted hints of a sweet pickle."

“My first thought when I smelled it was ‘Big Mac special sauce.”  

"There are also herbs in the mix, but we’re at a loss as to their identity."

Is that not a cool experiment? I almost wish they'd release the mystery bags for a few weeks to the public and let us make a guess, too.

Click here for Yahoo! Food's full taste test of the four new flavors.