Grilled ham, havarti and American with zesty tomato dip

So, hubby and I recently attended Time Out Chicago's Grilled Cheese Meltdown - a competition among nine Chicago eateries and food trucks. One place - Same Day Cafe - was serving a rosemary grilled cheese with a little cup of tomato soup with basil oil and rosemary. He enjoyed dipping his sandwich in the little soup sample. So the next day, I decided I'd make grilled cheese for lunch.

I made him a sandwich of havarti and American with smoked ham and tomato on cracked wheat. He commented about how he liked dipping the sandwich in soup the day before. So, I improvised and just took a couple scoops of jarred pasta sauce and watered it down a little bit and added some Italian seasoning (and after I shot this pic I also added some Parmesan cheese.) I won't even try to pretend it was as good as what we had from Same Day Cafe, but in a pinch it did the trick and made a nice little dip.