von Trapp Brewing's Trosten Lager

When I saw the name of von Trapp Brewing I assumed that it was started by someone who just coincidentally had the same name as the famous musical family from Austria that spurred the classic movie "The Sound of Music." Well, turns out I was wrong. It wasn't someone who had the same name as the family. It IS a member of that famous family who started this brewery.

The youngest of the von Trapp children, Johannes, started the brewery at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. I had no idea the family had a lodge and resort there and that the youngest von Trapp child, who was fond of Austrian lagers, opened a brewery there in 2010.

I received a seasonal winter beer bucket from GourmetGiftBaskets.com before the holidays to sample and review for a post and this was one of the beers that was included. It's a dark, heavy bitter brew typical of winter versions that tends to warm you all the way through.

I was fascinated by the story behind the brewery and will have to seek out some of their other beers, as well. For more information, visit vontrappbrewing.com.