When it comes to burgers there are oodles of places to choose from, but there's not another burger out there quite like Schoop's. It's a thinner burger that is a little crispy on the edges. I've been enjoying Schoop's for decades now - from the time I was a kid and we'd enjoy a burger at the Calumet City location. Most of my visits are now to the location in Munster. My parents lived just a few blocks away for the past dozen years, but they just relocated to central Illinois. I'd meet them often to have a burger and fries - and usually a chocolate malt in the dining room. My kids have always loved going there too so that they could play tunes on the juke box. I loved that they had the Super Bowl Shuffle on the juke box for many, many years Not sure if it's still there. Last time I was so excited to see Go Cubs Go on the juke box - I played it over and over and over.

I don't think there's been a time I've been there that I haven't ordered a burger. But they do serve other things. :) My parents like their egg salad and their grilled cheese, too. My son loves the Irish nachos. If you've never had a Schoop's burger, look them up and find one. It comes highly recommended by the Chicago Foodie Sisters.