Baby Bulls in Pontiac, IL

Ever since my dad relocated to central Illinois early last year, we've tried to get together at least once a month for lunch. We've visited a few different places that fall around the half-way point and one was Baby Bulls Family Restaurant in Pontiac. 

Dad's a big fan of soup and they always have a good selection there. I love their chicken noodle soup. On one of our visits I saw that they had a horseshoe on the menu. I've pretty much never seen those on a menu outside of the Springfield area, so I had to get one. If you're not familiar - it involves Texas toast on the bottom with a hamburger patty (or other meat) then has French fries on top and it's all covered with a creamy cheese sauce. I love them and have made them at home a few times after my cousin, who lives on a farm just outside Springfield, made them for me. I also have to have one any time I am in Springfield. They are the best. Baby Bull's version was pretty good! And it's always nice when I get to see dad and share a meal with him. My middle son also came along for the ride, too.

Baby Bulls Family Restaurant
1025 W. Reynolds
Pontiac, IL
(815) 844-5757