Boz Hot Dogs

If you're from the Chicago area, chances are you know all about the Chicago-Style dog. Typically a beef frank, it's served on a poppy seed bun with mustard, onion, bright-green relish, tomato, cucumber, sport peppers and sprinkled with celery salt.

There are a number of restaurants, stands and carry-outs that serve up Chicago dogs in Chicagoland. One of them is Boz Hot Dogs. There was one in my hometown of Dolton growing up and several friends worked there, so I ate my share of Boz dogs back in the day. In college, my brother-in-law bought a Boz location in another town and I worked there for a while. We'd make up all kinds of fun concoctions combining the hot dogs, buns, cheeses, beef, chili, sausage, chips, condiments when we were on break or it got slow. 

But there's nothing like a steamy Chicago dog. Theirs are served a bit different that the traditional Chicago dogs. The steamed buns don't have poppy seeds. The hot dog is not all-beef, but is a soft dog that melts in your mouth. And I always liked mine with a slice of American cheese and no peppers. I recently stopped at the Boz location in Lansing and it was a blast from the past. If you haven't tried a Boz hot dog before, try one out when you're in the south or southwest burbs or northwest Indiana. There are 9 locations in all.


  1. My favorite Boz is the one in Thornton. I still stop there for one when I'm in the area. YUM

  2. I haven’t stopped by the one in Thornton. We use to live two houses from the people that started Bozo ( Don Hart and his wife) back when we lived in Dolton

  3. Wow, you really missed the boat with this article. The Bozo Hot Dog they're famous for (no one calls it Boz) is the all beef jumbo hot dog with everything. I'm from Chicago and this is the most satisfying dog I've ever had. Wednesday's are our Bozo days...

    1. Actually Don Hart had to change the name to Boz with a smiley face at the end because if you know Chicago, you know we had Bozo the clown and his agents weren't happy about the hot dog sharing his name.
      My dad owned the one in Chicago Ridge and I grew up in Dolton with the Harts.


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