Grain Berry Parfaits


In our house, I try not to keep sweets on hand. The kids don’t really need them and neither do I. But sometimes you just need a little something to satisfy that sweet tooth - and when it can be on the healthy side, that’s all the better.

The challenge in making a dessert that’s not junk is making sure it still tastes like a treat. On a recent fall evening, I whipped up some parfaits for dessert using Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts and Grain Berry Honey Nut with ONYX Sorghum.

Grain Berry Honey Nut cereal has powerful antioxidants, no artificially flavors, colors or preservatives, natural plant fiber, whole grains and less sugar than your typical cereal. ONYX is an all natural new sorghum grain developed by Texas A & M University. It’s a nutritious way to add a little crunch to these healthy parfaits. Grain Berry Cereals can be found at Jewel-Osco stores.

I made two varieties. One was a pumpkin parfait. The other was a banana salted caramel parfait. Both offered that bit of sweetness I was craving - without going overboard. It was definitely a no-guilt indulgence.

Of course, with parfaits, you can alter them to your taste and add more of what you like and less of what you don’t. They also look pretty when layered - and if you have a group, you can always up the amounts and place it in a trifle bowl.

This doesn't have to be a dessert, either. It doesn't take long to put together, so it's a nice little deviation from the ho-hum breakfast, even on a busy weekday morning.


1/4 cup Grain Berry Honey Nut Cereal
6 ounce Greek Pumpkin Pie Yogurt
1 slice pumpkin bread (diced into small chunks)
2 graham crackers (broken into pieces)
Other option items: peanuts, pecans, whipped topping, golden raisins

In a parfait dish or stemless wine glass, place a layer of pumpkin bread, layer of yogurt, layer of cereal and graham crackers. Repeat until glass is full. It also works well to alternate the pumpkin pie yogurt with layers of vanilla yogurt.

Makes one parfait.


1/2 cup Grain Berry Honey Nut Cereal 
6-ounce Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt
6-ounce Vanilla Greek Yogurt
2 bananas
1/4 cup candied pecans
Other optional items: vanilla wafers, graham crackers, chocolate or peanuts butter chips, whipped topping, caramel drizzle

In two parfait dishes or stemless wine glasses, layer vanilla yogurt, bananas, caramel yogurt, pecans and cereal. Repeat until dish is full. 

Makes two parfaits.

Cereal doesn’t have to simply be eaten in a bowl with milk. There are so many other delicious ways to enjoy it. I plan to experiment a little more with some drop cookies or bars, that again, will offer a bit of sweetness when I’m longing for dessert and want to have something healthful. 

*I was supplied with product and compensated for creating this recipe. All opinions are my own.