Aodake Sushi and Steakhouse

With an upcoming birthday for my middle son, I asked him what he’d like to do for his birthday meal. His first choice didn’t surprise me - he wanted a meal prepared on a Hibachi grill at a Japanese steakhouse. His favorite is Aodake, which has locations in Romeoville and Darien.

He works on Friday, Saturday and Sundays and didn’t want to go on a weeknight because of his homework load, so he asked if we could go for lunch on Columubus Day when he was off for the school holiday. Fortunately, they’re open at lunchtime and open on Mondays. I’ve been there on several occasions for lunch, when they also offer hibachi-style meals and at a reduced price from the dinner menu.

It was a nice, relaxed lunch that we all enjoyed - my husband and two of my other sons joined us. I love that for just $9.99 I can get lunch that includes soup, salad and rice, veggies and chicken prepared in front of us. One of the boys got the calamari and hubby and the other two got filet (which is really, really good, by the way). I’ve also had the salmon. Next time I think I’ll try the scallops.

After hearing me mention that it was my son’s birthday, our waitress asked if we wanted the birthday treatment. Of course, I told her. My 17-year-old hung his head. “Why?” he asked. He wasn’t all that excited about it, but was a good sport. He wore the balloon hat they made and sat and smiled and they played a birthday tune, brought a sparkler to the table and delivered an ice cream sundae. It was a very nice touch to add to the celebration. They also took a photo of our group as the sparklers lit - they give you the option of taking it home as a souvenir or signing it and adding it to the wall of photos.

If you know someone who will be celebrating a birthday - and they like Japanese food, I’d definitely recommend Aodake. I’ve always enjoyed the food there and was pleased at the extra birthday attention. It made for a fun and memorable afternoon.

Aodake Sushi & Steakhouse
2129 75th St.
Darien, IL