Doreen’s Pizza

The first thing I think of when I hear of Doreen’s Pizza are the fundraisers I remember being done by schools where frozen pizzas were sold years ago. I guess I never even realized that there was a Doreen's restaurant. I thought it was just a business that made pizzas for fundraisers.

A few weeks ago I was in Burnham visiting a school to read my new children's book. I finished up around lunchtime and looked up restaurants in the area. All I had to do was cross some tracks to be in the Hegewisch neighborhood of Chicago. Of the list that came up, there were three or more pizzerias near the top. The closest one didn't open until 4 p.m., so that ruled it out. Then I noticed that Doreen's was on the list. It had the same logo I remembered from those school pizza fundraisers.

I phoned in an order and drove over. I could not have been more pleased with my pizza. It had that perfect south side crust and sauce that took me back to childhood and made me feel like it was 1979. It was like the pizzas we enjoyed at home each Saturday evening from a neighborhood spot. I'm so happy I happened upon it. It's not all that far from me and I may have to make a drive out on a Saturday night for a real throwback - and maybe even pull up some old episodes of Little House on the Prairie, Love Boat and Fantasy Island to really take me back. 

If you find yourself on the Southeast side, I highly recommend placing an order and stopping by a pie. There was a small dining room, so you can enjoy it there or take it on home to dig in (if you can make it all the way without devouring it in your car). For more info, look them up on Facebook (Doreen's Pizza) or go to There's also a location in Dyer, Indiana.