Ladies Night Out at the Melting Pot

The Chicago Foodie Sisters got together recently when I noticed there was a special Ladies Night Out promotion at the Melting Pot location in Downers Grove. Monday through Wednesday of the third week of the month, they offer a cheese, salad and chocolate deal for $18.99. You can also add a petite entree for an additional $10, which we opted to do. There are also some specially-priced drinks on those evenings that include a $6 Love Martini or Lemon Berry Mojito, $4 glasses of wine and Angry Orchard Cider for $2.

If you've never been to the Melting Pot, it's a fun fondue spot where you cook your own meats in oil and can enjoy a cheesy fondue appetizer and a chocolatey dipping sauce for dessert. It's can be a romantic dinner for couples, but it makes for a fun girl's outing, as well.

Our first course was a rich cheesy sauce with bread and veggies for dipping.

The salad course was next.

Enjoyed a martini in the middle.

There was plenty of meat for our petite entree - teriyaki beef, chicken, shrimp and ravioli. There were also mushrooms and broccoli and a nice selection of sauces. When I've been at these cook-your-own places, I usually let whoever I'm dining with take care of as much of the cooking as possible. So, I did let my sis handle most of it.

Lastly, when we were completely stuffed our dessert was brought out - berries, pound cake, brownies, rice krispy treats, bananas, pineapple, bread pudding. It was a delicious combination of bite sized treats.

If you're looking for ideas for an upcoming date night, you can't go wrong with fondue. But, keep this Ladies Night Out deal in mind, too, the next time you're making plans with the girls. For more info, visit