Burrito Express

Many days I have a full day of work that keeps me stuck at my desk working at my computer at home. And some days I end up heading out to interview someone in person for an assignment or to take pictures to go with an article or just to run some errands. And if it's around lunch time, I like to stop somewhere to eat that is along my route or close to home. I like to try out new places, too, whenever I can. Or at least places that are new to me even if they've been around a while.

There's a Mexican restaurant in Lansing that I have driven by countless times over the years and had never been to. So, I finally got around to visiting recently and really enjoyed my meal. 

I wasn't looking for anything super heavy. I probably could have gotten a bowl of chips with some salsa and been happy with that for lunch. But the more I perused the menu, the more I wanted to try everything. I ended up ordering a single chili rellenos with a side of rice. It was super tasty and a good portion that wasn't over the top. I look forward to returning to try more of what's on the menu.

El Burrito Express
17400 Burnham Avenue
Lansing IL
(708) 474-2264