Kenosha Brewing Co.

Whenever we're on the road, we seek out craft breweries and try to work a couple in. The Midwest is bubbling over with cool, funky, friendly spots to try beer that is brewed on site. Every brewery is unique and has its own culture and that's part of the fun of visiting them. You never know what you're in for.

Some are tiny and some are spacious. Some are in dingy, off-the-beaten path industrial areas and others are in well-restored historic structures. Some offer just a handful of their own beers. Others havetaps in the double digits and maybe have guest brews, as well. Some are quiet and low key while others may be loud and boisterous with heavy metal music to scream over. Sometimes you might happen upon live music or open mic night. Some have resident cats. Some have a view and others are windowless. Many have a large menu with impressive upscale entrees and others serve nothing more than pretzels in a bag. Some offer tours.

When in Kenosha last month to preview some restaurants for Kenosha Restaurant Week, we paid a visit to Kenosha Brewing Co. The atmosphere is super hip and nostalgic at the same time with lots of exposed brick and an industrial feel. According to its website, "Over 90 years ago, local monks from the area perfected their craft of making great beer at the very location KBC occupies today. A few things have changed since then, however, one thing that hasn't is the great brewing occurring in the same building."

As I usually do when visiting a brewery, I ordered a flight for the opportunity to sample several varieties and types of beers. I select them carefully from light to dark, so I can try several styles - and ones that present a pretty palate of colors.

We enjoyed all of the beers we tried and we also wanted some light bites while we there, so I had a bowl of creamy vegetable soup and avocado toast. There's a nice selection of other menu items, from cheese curds and poutine appetizers to sandwiches like a rueben, a mushroom melt or gyros. There's also tacos and other entrees and breakfast served on Sundays.

If you're in Southeast Wisconsin and looking for some bites and brews, this place is definitely worthy of a stop even if it's a little out of the way. For more info, visit