Paielli's Bakery Serves a Unique Kenosha Treat Called the Cyclops

Ever heard of a cyclops? Not a crazy one-eyed giant. I'm talking about a cyclops that you eat. I'd never heard of it, but was introduced during a recent foodie trip in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

We were having lunch at Grab's Burger Bar and I noticed that the menu indicated that burgers were served on "Paielli's buns". I asked the owner what that meant and was told it was a local bakery that made wonderful fresh buns and lots of other goodies, like the cyclops.

I thought it was a Wisconsin thing. Or maybe a Southeastern Wisconsin thing. But Paielli's seems to be the only place in the area where you can get this "cyclops"  treat. It's a chocolate doughnut with a hole in the middle that is then filled in with buttercream. So, yeah, we won't think about the calories or sugar involved, but it's an amazing treat. I also learned that you can order a giant one with advance notice. I stopped by Paielli's Bakery to try one and I also placed an order for the giant version (which was just over six bucks). They also have giant custard-filled long johns, too, so I ordered one of those, as well.
My kids eyes got wide when they saw the foodie souvenirs I'd brought home and they thoroughly enjoyed them.

If you're heading into Wisconsin, be sure to make a side trip to try out this Kenosha treat. Paelli's was named best doughnut shop in Wisconsin by Travelocity in 2018. For more info, visit