Red Arrow Taproom in Naperville

We've been to a couple of pour-your-own taprooms in recent years and I really love the concept. You take your glass. You pick what you want. Your pour as much as you want. It's all saved on a handy little card. You cash out when you're all done. 

I'm not a huge drinker. I like a couple sips and that's usually it (unless it's really, really good). And I always like to sample several things when I go to any restaurant, bar, brewery, etc. So, this type of place is perfect for me. There's usually at least a couple dozen to choose from and each time you go back there's different stuff on tap, so you're able to go back multiple times and still try new brews.

Red Arrow Taproom (which also has Elmhurst and Rosemont locations) in Naperville also has a nice food menu and you place your order on a little tablet at your table. It's delivered when its ready and you pay at the table. So it's efficient, but if you like to chat with your server or bartender, this kinda takes the human element out of the whole experience. But, if you're simply there to try some beer and have some bites, you'll be pleased. I ordered a Cuban sandwich with a side of mac and cheese along with some pretzel sticks and beer cheese. It perfect beer food. 

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