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Malort You love it or you hate it. Although it has a lot of haters - either because of the taste or the after effects of drinking it - it remains a staple in Chicago bars. It’s a brand of bask liquor that originated in Sweden and was introduced by Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson. It was first produced by the Carl Jeppson Company in the 1930s. That was after a few years of selling it door-to-door as medicine in the 1920s. It’s a distinctly Chicago thing and was only sold in the Windy City until recent years. Now you can find it across the country in about 30 states. You can even buy it online now at  It’s now a beloved tradition in Chicago that extends beyond the bar scene. There have been some creative uses for it from culinary minds and it’s appeared in pie, snow cones and other concoctions. It has a very bitter taste, but it’s something you have to try at least once. The face you make after your first taste won’t be a pretty one (evidence below). You can also give it a tr

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