There's more than burgers at Schoop's

We're winding up National Burger Month and one of my favorite local spots for a burger is Schoop's. They serve a thinner patty, but a large one that hangs over the bun with a crispy edge. And they serve it up in locations that offer a taste of nostalgia with barstools and juke boxes. It's just a fun place to hang and enjoy a burger - like the way Marty McFly may have back in the 50s. 

However, if burgers aren't your thing (which I can't quite fathom), there are alternatives. I don't think I've ever gone there an not ordered a burger, but from time to time my kids and my parents have ordered other things. 

Grilled cheese has been a frequent choice of my kids over the years and my parents are fond of the egg salad. I can't tell you how they taste, because, yeah, they serve burgers. :) But according to those in my family who can somehow pass up a burger, their other sandwiches get an A+. To find a Schoop's location, go to


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